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OshaMedCert ™ is a fully web-based  online Respirator Medical Evaluation process for respirator
users which fulfills the requirements of OSHA standard 1910.134 (e) and is easy to use.

It is
Fast - to use OshaMedCert.
               Employees complete the confidential online medical evaluation and receive a
               clearance certificate to wear a respirator in about 10 minutes.

It is Convenient - to use OshaMedCert.

Employees may take an online respirator medical evaluation on any shift without
                leaving the work site to comply with the OSHA regulation and it is available on many
                mobile devices. Your Respiratory Program Administrator has recordkeeping access to
                date, time and approval status for every evaluation and the ability to reprint certificates.

It is Cost Effective - to use OshaMedCert.

                There is no need to pay wages for travel and waiting time costs. Cost savings of $100 to
                 $350 per Online Medical Evaluation have been reported.

No Financial Riskto use the OshaMedCert online medical evaluation process!

                Once you determine the number of evaluations your company needs, OshaMedCert will
                set up your account for that number. You will be invoiced one time for the total number of
                evaluations purchased. The cost is $25 per evaluation ordered.

                Your inventory of online respirator medical evaluations will be reduced by one each
                time an employee is Approved and Certified. If an employee is not approved by the
                system, that evaluation is not counted as used and your inventory of available
                evaluations is not reduced. Purchased online respirator medical evaluations are
                available until they are used.

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OshaMedCert ™is owned and operated by McHaney & Associates.

 Online respirator medical evaluations are available in Spanish